Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April's jewellery picks from Jewels and Finery

Time flies so fast this year. So here are a few of the latest additions for April's jewellery. We have added both vintage jewellery and pre owned jewellery over the first half of this month and have some great favorites to show. Here are just a few items from brooches to necklaces and earrings that we are showcasing today.

 Scottish jewellery antique agate brooch in silver
An antique Scottish brooch with half moon agate pieces. Scottish jewellery has always been a favorite for many years, as the highlands has that certain mystery and history.

 green beaded necklace circa 1930s
Some of the most lovely and unusual beads are found in vintage necklaces. Here is a glass beaded green necklace with some gorgeous beads.

 big faux pearl clip on earrings
Now if you like big jewellery how about these faux pearl clip on earrings? Yes they are a handful but so striking. We do have many other smaller clip earrings available as well.

 silver earrings concentric circles
If you are not into clips then we do have silver earrings for pierced ears. All ages and styles. This pair above are originally from Gems TV and unused.

This is just a pick of a few pieces of April's jewellery that we have added. More to come and not forgetting we have around 1, 300+ available and add at least 200 individual items more per month.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

A warm Mothering Sunday in March

Today is Mothering Sunday. A day to say thank you to all mothers everywhere. Well in the UK at least, I think other countries celebrate on another day not in this traditional cold March day. However, we have been experiencing some very warm weather of late. Not like the usual cold and often snowy day we usually get. Yesterday I managed to grab a few minutes sat by our pond sunbathing! It was that warm.
Most moms will receive little gifts of flowers and chocolates today. So here are a few flowers to all moms where ever you may be.

An edelweiss flower.

Vibrant blue and yellow flowers edged with pink.

Just a mixture of gorgeous summer flowers in bright cheerful colors.

I just love sunflowers - these are in Eloxal silver but nether the less very pretty.

Another sunflower on this scarf clip.

A rainbow of beads around this flower shape, just perfect.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Jewellery and accessories to create your individual style and look amazing

So jewellery and accessories to create your individual style and look amazing is our part of our new looking website at Jewels & Finery UK. We still sell fabulous vintage jewellery as well as antique, pre owned and new jewellery. But for 2014 we have now added some new categories and moved a few older ones around. Our vintage brooches collection has all original vintage brooch and our vintage necklaces are all true vintage.

Here are just a few pieces of jewellery added recently:

vintage cufflinks in silver tone.

Stainless steal wishbone ring.

Unusual vintage brooch by Miracle - large.

Trifari vintage necklace and bracelet with faux pearls.

Now this is our first blog for 2014! Just can not believe how the time has flown by. 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

More vintage brooches after our grand winter sale

We are having a grand winter sale of our vintage brooches and vintage jewellery. Low low prices to make way for next years vintage brooches as well as pre owned and new ones that we have waiting to add. So star brooches and Christmas brooches have been reduced following by all the other category collections in the next few days. Grab yourself a bargain now.

vintage brooches

The following vintage brooch are reduced so take a look - unusual and unique at a low price just for our winter sale which finishes in January 2014.

The last is a vintage bird brooch signed Sarah Coventry. Then a Victorian style brooch and earrings set, a vintage star brooch, a portrait brooch, rare Beatles brooch by Exquisite and a Saxon style brooch with a pink cabochon center.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

A very merry Christmas from Jewels & Finery UK and a happy new year.

Christmas is a very busy time for us selling our vintage jewellery - that is November and December. So we would like to take time out and wish you a very merry Christmas and have a happy new year. Time just goes far to fast nowadays. It doesn't seem five minutes since the last one!

 Well it does not look as though it will snow this year, in fact it has been not that cold. This photo was taken a couple of years ago in our garden. I would have shown our tree, but its not up yet - its still in the garden from when we brought it last week.

 Last year, we had two new additions to our household. Merlin and Salem who have grown so much bigger. At a year old they spend most of the time following me or running around the house chasing each other and getting on Marla's nerves.

Our older cat - Marla has been unwell the last month but seems to be back to normal, eating loads now and gaining weight again. At 11 she is the oldest and of course the boss. Now back to putting up the decorations and tree. How long the tree will last is anyones guess as Merlin loves to climb, she was too little and a bit overwhelmed last year!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Price changes to our earring accessories this November

We have made some price changes to our earring accessories this November. Due to our supplies going down as well as up. Many of our clip earring pads and pillow ranges are cheaper and our earring backs remain very competitive.

Quality clip earring pads and pillows for clip on earrings which can be vintage or not. Plenty of choice and ideal for extra grip and comfort. Do like the earring pillows or sleeves as they have a slight tacky feel that helps grip.

We have a wide range of earring backs in scroll, bullets, plastic, silver and gold plate. Suitable for pierced earrings replacements. We replace the backs to our vintage and pre owned ones already, but a pack is handy to have in your jewellery box as one always seems to fall under the bed - just as you are running late to go out!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Catch up on vintage jewellery!

We have been working hard and have added plenty of vintage jewellery as well as many other items to Jewels & Finery UK. So we thought that we needed to showcase a few of our favorites from the last month. Vintage jewellery makes great gifts and we wrap each either in a gift bag or box as a little extra at no charge.  Vintage means that the brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets, etc all produced between the 1920s and 1990s. So thats up to 70 years of fabulous jewels to choose from. It makes them unique and often of better quality than some of todays jewellery. But don't take our word for it just have a look.

Vintage silver ring that has been formed out of a christening bracelet.

Sarah Coventry brooch - this one is from the 1960s. Most  Sarah Coventry jewellery is true vintage now and they produced so many different and quality items to choose from.

 Original 1940s vintage jewellery set of a floral brooch and clip earrings. We just love finding sets as they match and just makes it easier when you come to put on your jewellery.

Celluloid cameo brooch - many cameos are available in so many different looks. A cameo never seems to go out of fashion and can make an outfit look so elegant and feminine.

More vintage brooches - there are now over 500 available many are vintage but we do have newer and new ones available.

 There must be around 200 vintage necklaces on our website now with pendants like this Asian themed one or beads through to bright sparkling diamante and rhinestone.
Every week we add at least 30 to 50 different pieces of either vintage jewellery or pre loved and new ones. Don't forget that we have accessories and jewellery boxes for sale as well.  



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