Sunday, 1 March 2015

This years witch themed jewellery collection

So each year I choose a geek theme for jewellery to collect. So for this year (2015) I decided on witch themed jewellery. Well I have had aliens and dinosaurs over the last few years, so I like a different challenge. It has to be fairly cheap and interesting and can be old or new. This is what I already have below and around Halloween I will show just what I may have collected in the next few months.
Well witches on broomsticks are quite easy..

This dazzling witch on a broomstick brooch is by Kirks Foley.

All enamel witch on broom stick brooch in my own collection already.

Well witches have cats and so this jewellery theme expands into cats and pumpkins and broomsticks.....

Black cat on a pumpkin brooch - the familiar of witches a black cat. Though I thought they only came in that color, as we always end up with a real one that has black in them if not totally black!

Love this simple cat on broomstick brooch by Avon. Its now vintage but can still be found to buy online.

Do you recognise these necklaces - one in red and one in green. Well for anyone who did not see the show "Witches of East End" This is a copy of the necklace that is worn by Wendy Beauchamp. It was originally green but turned to red when she had just one life left. Found these very cheap on that online website that sells everything and they are from where else - China!

The five star pentagram in this pentagram necklace has its association with witch craft, so I have included it in this witch themed jewellery collection. This one is very cool to the touch being in metallic grey haematite/hematite.

That is it for now. So said earlier I will post all what I have managed to collect later this year and will included the shows that have witches in - so that's the Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit and more..

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Dinosaur jewellery fun to collect review

Each year I usually choose a geek theme to collect in jewellery. In 2013 I choose dinosaur jewellery as that years theme. It has to be cheap and fun to wear. I set a limit at about £15 but rather pay just 50p or less if I can. Pound shops always seem to have the fun jewellery that is aimed at children. Yes I don't think that I will ever grow up! Back to the dinosaur jewels - it can be previously owned or new stuff. Not that I ever wear any of it. I just see what I can find and show here on my blog. So after 2012's alien jewellery collection - here are the photographs of what I found in jewellery with prehistoric dinosaurs...

This is hard to see, but its a skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex necklace. Fashioned in opaque white plastic and quite big.  Brought this as a pre owned piece. Most of the dinosaur jewellery appears to be made from the children's plastic figurines. Now that's an idea to try!

Large dinosaur keyring. Not sure what sort of pre historic animal this was and what it was actually called. Again quite large in plastic. Think this one looks like Godzilla!

Cute pterodactyl brooch in pewter. Found this at an antique fair! Unusual and just what I was looking for... Maybe I would wear this to a dinosaur convention if there is such a thing!

This I brought new. A stretch bracelet that you can add the links in with different pictures on. So here is my dinosaur bracelet with different animals on.

Again another new buy from that great auction website that you can get so much stuff that you didn't realise you wanted!! This dinosaur necklace is in an all silver tone. Quite cute if you like dinosaurs, especially when this looks like a Loch Ness monster necklace!

A big horned dinosaur that is very familiar but for the life of me I could not name it - so googled and found this was a Triceratops necklace.

Last for now is this green perspex Tyrannosaurus Rex (T Rex) necklace. Medium in size and fabulous kitsch wear. Now unfortunately we had a bad 2013 family wise and so my collection took  a step back. But in 2015 I am able to revive it and so will add more through out this year as well as aliens. Because when you start something like this its difficult to stop. But for 2015 I think the theme will be witch and Halloween jewellery. I already have a few pieces which I will show in a future blog. Have fun with your own geek jewellery collections.. 

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Jewels jewellery geek blog : Alien and space jewellery Geek review

Jewels jewellery geek blog : Alien and space jewellery Geek review: Back in December 2012, I wrote a blog on collecting alien and space jewellery . I had this idea that being a Science Fiction geek. I would h...

Alien and space jewellery Geek review

Back in December 2012, I wrote a blog on collecting alien and space jewellery. I had this idea that being a Science Fiction geek. I would have a fun collection for a year that was cheap and cheerful. So I collected some jewellery that had to fit in to an alien/space or sci fi theme. Then in 2013 I would choose another theme to collect. Now I thought I would show you again what I collected and in the time honoured addicted to collecting vibe. I carried on and still pick up the odd piece. As usual its either new or old. But it has to be brought for very little money.

Black eyed alien brooch - which still had a diamante missing. But I have to just say I haven't worn any of these alien jewellery pieces yet!

Apollo and space themed charm bracelet. Probably from the moon launch of the late 1960s/1970s.

Alien keyring in a space ship shaped tin. The alien head has a light feature.

Weired black alien necklace that was purchased from the great auction house where you can find anything for sale!

Large green eyed alien keyring. Not sure what the finger is pointing to though!

Of course there has to be a couple of ET pieces. Here is a charm of ET with a red hood and an all pewter ET pin.

Another alien keyring, this one is holding the earth an a space gun. Aliens and keyrings seem to go together as well a large selection of necklaces.

This is a real ugly alien dude necklace. Its quite thick but although looks as though it should open does not.

Great selection of fun alien and extra terrestrial badges. The truth is out there.....

Blue glitter alien head necklace in a silver tone.

Of course I can not just buy the one color!! Space head necklace with gold glitter eyes.

Space rocket necklace and matching earrings for pierced ears. Red enamel space ships that were brought not new, so not sure of their age.

Big googly eyed alien necklace watch. The watch part has never worked but what do you expect for such a cheap price!

Lady alien necklace with pink eyes and big eyelashes!

Very happy blue alien necklace with that "hi" "How are you" look. Amazing that aliens can have a belly button but little else!

Serious alien necklace. Think this one means business. Will probably invade and take over the world.

This is a 1969 moon launch brooch from America. The most expensive piece in this collection.

On the back of this moon brooch is the date - July 20 1969.

Very large pink space invader necklace. Cut out of plastic this type of material is very popular in the geek world.

Lastly - well at the moment is a wrist band bracelet for kids in rubber stuff with Star Wars charm plugs. Now if only I could find a band to fit them I will be okay!!

So this was the collection I started for fun in 2012. The next years....well it was dinosaurs, but that will be the next blog post coming soon.


Sunday, 28 December 2014

Okay its sale time at Jewels & Finery

Sale, sale sale... Yes its our winter sale. All our jewellery and accessories are now half price. Lots of different jewels available. Some for the nerd and some for the normals! Take a look at some of the ones available. below.
These brooches, necklaces, earrings and sets are just a small selection that we have on sale. With over 1600 different pieces there are so many to choose from.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Beads and more jewellery of beads to wear

We love beads and the more unusual the better. So just a showcase of some of our bead jewellery to wear. From beads of strings to beads used on brooches and earrings. We like vintage and the more unusual shaped or colors. So take a peak at our selection. Of course they are all available on Jewels and Finery.

Black Cloisonne beads in this pair of earrings. Pretty and dangling pair of beads.

How about this turquoise and black dangling earring pair? Unusual beads jewellery and a great look.

Citrine yellow colored glass beads. Lovely faceted and long enough to just slip this necklace over your head.

If its party wear - then this beautiful purple and yellow acrylic bead necklace is a beaut.  Multi faceted to catch the light. Acrylic crystal look that is moden and ideal for a sparkling occasion.

Amber beads in both light and dark shades make up this lovely necklace. Long and elegant as well as being old and collectible.

Fixed beads in plastic go a long way and are a lot cheaper to buy and wear. You can also wrap these around your wrist as a wrapped bead bracelet. Versatile and unusual jewellery. This red fixed bead necklace above has some unique patterning.

Brooches with beads make a lovely gift. This floral piece has some unusual bead accents in orange translucent colors with the antique gold tone filigree it is very striking and unique.

Bead embellished face brooch by Gothic White Witch finished our collection of bead jewellery.


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