Monday, 11 April 2011

Jewellery Sarah Coventry Collection 1976 Part 9

After a glorious summer weekend in April! I thought I would complete another part of the Sarah Coventry Collection from the Spring 1976 catalogue. To help name and date some of the vintage jewellery produced by the company over that season. Photographs will enlarge when clicked on.

Page 32

A = Sarahlite Earrings in sterling silver
B = Saralite Pendant 16" - 18" in sterling silver.
C = Diamond Accent pendant 16" - 18" adjustable in gold tone.
D = Cultured Treasure Ring in gold tone.
E = Cultura Pearl Pendant 16" - 18" (simulated) 12K gold filled chain.
F = Cultura pearl Earrings (simulated) in gold tone.
G = Sterling Chai Pendant 16" - 18" adjustable in sterling silver. Rhodium plated chain.
H = My Love Pendant 16" - 18" (Cultured pearl) in gold tone.
I = Silvery Moonstone Earrings in silver tone.
J = Silvery Moonstone Pendant 16" - 18" silver tone.
K = Genuine Ivory Pendant 16" - 18" gold tone.
L = genuine ivory earrings in gold tone.
M = Jade and Pearl pin in gold tone with a cultured pearl.
N = Jade n' Pearl Pendant 16" - 18" adjustable in gold tone.
O = Tiger Eye Butterfly Pin in gold tone.
P = Jade n' Pearl Ring ( cultured pearl)

All posts 14K overlay and all for pierced ears.

Page 33

A = Filigree Jet Bracelet in silver tone.
B = Sterling Faith Cross 16 - 18" in silver tone.
C = Filigree Jet Pendant 16 - 18" in silver tone.

Sterling Birth Chain 22" in sterling silver with beads of gemstones for each birth sign (D - I).

Sterling silver charms  with gemstones for birthday months (J - O).

D = January  - Garnet.
E = February - Amethyst.
F = March - Aquamarine.
G = April - White Sapphire
G = May - Emerald.
H = June - Alexandrite.
I = July - Ruby.
J = August - Peridot.
K = September - Sapphire.
L = October - Rose Zircon.
M = November - Golden Topaz.
O = December - Blue Zircon.

Latest additions last week of gorgeous vintage, antique and second hand jewellery with a few new pieces.

Lots of more jewels will be added over the next week - weather permitting and we do not spend too much time in the garden!.

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