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Now I just love to talk, so I just have to have more than the one main Vintage Jewels blog here. Where else will I show my other interests! This blog is about costume jewellery is my main one and then I have several others.

Blogging about jewellery is on our main website Jewels & Finery found here - With photographs and information about .... jewellery of course.

Gothic White Witch is a magical blog with Gothic jewellery information, superstition and amulet information; and of course great photographs of Gothic and alternative jewellery, which can be found for sale at Hemlock & Rose.

So if you would like to take a look at my Gothic White Witch blog. Just click this link and be transported...

Another great blog can be found at for My Gothic lifestyle blog.

But if you are interested in local and family history in the Solihull, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Shropshire and even London. In fact every where we travel to across the UK. The take a look at my Jewels Vintage Vibes blog. I have been inscribing the local war memorials and War graves with photographs. Hopefully this will help some people who are looking for an ancestor who died in the wars. Then I add some local history blogging as well as looking at family history.

 War memorials warwickshire, solihull, birmingham

The above photograph shows my teenage grandad sitting on the right. He was in the Royal Warwickshire regiment in the First World War.

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