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Friday, 20 June 2008

Making a paper mache model

Here is the paper mache model bust I made. It is not perfect but is great for showing off vintage jewellery. I made it life sized, but the boobs are not the same size and the shoulders are too large. Well it is the first time I have tried crafting with paper mache!!

How to make a paper mache bust.

It is made with wire. I used 2 wire coat hangers, to create the outline. Fixed it to a cardboard box with folded newspaper and masking tape. I found that as my model is top heavy it was tilted so to kept it from falling over there is a house brick in the box to give it stability. The box is half open at the bottom to do this (saves carting the brick around as well as the model when moving it).

I then in filled the frame with screwed up newspaper fixed with masking tape. Using a mix of 1/2 water to 1/2 PVA glue then covered the frame with strips of newspaper. For the boobs again screwed up newspaper and fixed with masking tape. I applied about 5 coats of newspaper leaving them to dry for 72 hours in between. You can re-apply after 24 hours but it just took my arms a bit longer to return to usable service. Once the glue was dry I applied about 5 coats of white paint. I had thought of a flesh coloured paint but decided that white was better for photographs.

I found lots of bits of material for the clothing and use them to show case my vintage necklaces. I wanted to show what necklaces and brooches looked like and for size as it is difficult to show what a piece is size wise on the internet.

Here are some more photographs. I think it has turned out quite well. Not only suitable for show casing jewellery, but can be changed to a statue art project instead!

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