Friday, 12 September 2008

What To Do With Brooches?

What To Do With Brooches?
For years I have always worn a brooch on the lapel of my jacket. Mostly bright sparkling ones that make a difference to a black jacket in the evening.
However with today's fashion, I have started to explore the different ways that antique and vintage brooches can be worn.

So here are a few suggestions:

Traditional on a jacket or coat lapel, or on a wrap or scarf. The flower brooch is in amber and transparent clear rhinestones from the 1950s and 1960s. Flower power was very in during the sixties.

On a hat - a dress hat or a woolen hat - both are just as effective. This stunning brooch with its "sugar" coating is marked but I have yet to identify who the manufacturer is. It is well made and I suspect it is a popular designer

On a bag - An Evening one or a bag used during the day. Buy a simple black bag made of material and change the look by using different brooches. Here I have added a kilt brooch pin.

If you add a vintage brooch that has very sparkling rhinestones to a little black dress. it makes a dress become special...
With this dress, a necklace did not look quiet finished and a little plain, so it needed something to lift the look. A big bow brooch from the 1940s was the answer attached to the fabric bow.

I would like to hear how you wear a brooch? Everyone used to wear brooches much more than they do now. Maybe we could have a revival? Actress Olivia Thirlby has been photographed wearing a dusky blue wool hat with a brooch on
These brooches are available from Jewels & Finery.

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