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Clip On Earrings, Pierced Earrings Converters & Allergy protection

There are such a wide variety of clip on earrings available today that we can be spoiled for choice.

But we no longer need to just buy earrings for pierced ears - if you have pierced ears or ones for clip on - if you do not have piercings. There are several types of earring converters on the market

For converting pierced earrings to clip on can be used by both women or men who do not have pierced ears or may have torn ear lobes. A wide selection is readily available from converting stud, post or the dangle type of earrings to clip on. They are also available in gold and silver plated metal or nickel free.
On line the earring converters are available from many jewellery shops, Ebay and also the company Avon produce them. Price varies from £4 to £15 depending on type and amount purchased. They are readily available in the UK

For converting clip on earrings to pierced, I can only find or have heard of one supplier that has patented the converters. "My Earring Buddy" is available on Ebay. com (USA), it appears to convert many different styles of clip on earrings to wear through a pierced ear. This information I discovered via the Jewelry Ring forum. But I have been unable to find a supplier in the UK so this product is only available to order from the USA. Very easy to do and will cost about £15 including P & P for a pair of earring converters.

Other earring accessories that may be of use are pads for clip on earrings, clip on adjusters and a liquid application to allow the wearing of earrings (or otherjewellery) if you suffer from an allergy to certain metals.

Clip on earring pillows can be the slipper type that fit over the earring paddle to give more comfort and improve grip. Also sticky clip on pads, small cushion adhesive circles, are available that fit onto the earring paddle (over the hole on the paddle) and cushions the ears from pinching. There are also clip earring plugs that fit into the holes found on some clip mechanisms with a round pad to one side that cushions the ear lobe. All these types of earring supports are freely available on the internet. Limited in the UK but a wide assortment available in the USA. Price range £3 - £5 + P & P per pack.

For pinching or loose clip on earrings that are a nuisance, then a clip on earring adjuster is available. This handy key type tool can adjust the tightness of the clip on paddle or loosen the tension for comfort as required. This tool I have only found in the USA. Again easy to order and widely available on line. Usually around £5 + P & P.
The same result can be obtained by carefully using a pair of tweezers and a pair of long nosed
pliers - if you so wish.

Allergies stop many people from wearing costume jewellery, usually an allergy to the metal nickel; but some people can be allergic to precious metals such as gold and silver.

There is a solution that has worked for many people -coating the metal to allow the jewellery to be worn.
On the market there are many solutions that coat the earring posts such as"Skin Guard", "Nickel Solution", "Liquid Shield" and "Earrs L' Protect" Just some of the solution's manufacturer's names that are available. They all work by applying one or two protective coats between the earrings metal and your skin. They do need to be re-applied to the earrings at regular intervals.
However some people use a liquid bandage for paper cuts or clear nail varnish and get the same
good results, of allowing them to wear earrings that they have been unable to wear due to an allergy.

Don't forget to clean your earrings regularly as they can get coated in make up or hair products and go dull

At Jewels and Finery we now have a large selection of vintage earrings of pierced, screw back and clip on type. We also sell new earrings that are a bit unusual and stylish for pierced ears. Enjoy browsing.


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