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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Vintage Crochet Doily Patterns

Vintage soft furnishing patterns
This week we have added some vintage doily crochet patterns

Whilst adding the patterns that date from the fourties and fifties. We (my husband and I) were reminiscing that white or beige doilies were used extensively around our grandparents homes - but were not seen so much today

There are none on display in our home but confess I have kept a few that belonged to my grandmother tucked away in a draw. They are cream and pink small doilies used to cushion the dressing table set on her dressing table

This got me thinking that they have quite an old fashion feel when crocheted in white or beige, but what fun doilies would be in bright and vibrant or dark colours. I would like to see a crochet doily set worked in bright red yarn, sunshine yellow or royal blue. How about a black doily set or make them in a multi yarn colour containing silver or gold coloured thread!

With the wide range of yarns available today - doilies do not have to be boring or old fashion at all!

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