Thursday, 26 November 2009

Christmas Fayres - Packwood & Sheldon

Angel earrings from Avon

Last Saturday was a busy day for Christmas Fayres. We couldn't have attended many more than the two that we did, as there were three Christmas Fayres locally - but all held at the same time. So it was physically impossible. So we choose our two favourite places to go to instead.

Packwood Christmas Fayre was held in the morning in the village hall. When we arrived it was already in full swing and bustling. Difficult to find a car parking space but at least the weather held and it was not raining.
Lots of stalls to choose from - raffles, tombola, books for children and adults. Toys and gifts tables, local history information, local church Christmas cards and information, house plants and bulbs, jams and cakes, just to name a few.
Very enjoyable and a great village atmosphere. Particularly liked the piano playing by the gentleman in the corner.

By the afternoon the weather had changed and as we headed to the hall next to St Giles church, in Sheldon, the heavens opened; and we were glad to get inside. Local events are always well attended at this hall and the queue was as expected. By the time we got inside, the hall was almost full. Tables of gifts, books, cakes, games and toys were already surrounded. Father Christmas for the children and so much more.
St Gile's Church is well worth a visit with its imposing architecture and its ornate entrance. We would have taken a photograph of the churches gate, but it was horrendous when we emerged from the hall. Raining and so very windy that we were unable to stop and take any pictures.Nice to see the Community police at this event discussing any problems and socializing with local residence.

Next week is busy again as more Christmas fayres are held. Go visit a Christmas fayre this week. Many are now being held in schools, churches and many community centres. Not only are they fun but you may find many great gifts for family and friends. You are also supporting local communities and raising funds for many good causes.

Our website Jewels and Finery has been very busy and we are nearly sold out of the vintage Christmas jewellery. We have added just a few more pieces of jewellery, in particular men's jewellery.

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