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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's day


Good Morning.Mothers Day 2010.The sun is shinning here in the UK and it is actually fairly warmer than late.Spring I think is appearing at last!
Not jewellery related, but thought you might want to see the large heron that sits on one of the trees in the garden almost every day at about 5pm.

I am five foot three inches and this bird is as tall as my waist. Yes caught him once in the garden just after we moved in. He was walking around our small garden pond. Since then our ponds have been heron proofed.
Bit of a shock as did not expect to see a heron in a suburbia back garden. Unable to photograph him with his wings out, as couldn't hold my arms up long enough. Not been too well lately.
This is what he is looking at and there is another pond next door.

We often have dragonfly appear in the summer in various colours and sizes. Just amazing how they find the ponds. One spring we moved the small pond at the bottom of the garden and found a dragonfly flitting over the old pond site in the summer. It must have been there before!
I have several dragonfly brooches that I love. We have added about 4 different ones last week to jewels and Finery. Along with a few insect or bug jewellery 

Green dragonfly brooch - large- pre owned

Vintage jewel bug brooch

We are slowly adding more items to our site. We have vintage necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Vintage beads, finding and buttons. Also vintage patterns ready to add soon.

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