Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Egyptian Revival Jewellery

At last I have started to feel some where near normal. Plants are all in the house now and it has a jungle feel. They all seem to have doubled in size since last year!
Well after having the tumble dryer broken for a week, the washing machine has come out in sympathy and is refusing to work now. Typical, now just need something else to go........

So have decided to show some of the Egyptian revival jewellery that I collect. Originally many pieces of jewellery were produced in the first half of the twentieth century when the tombs of the pharaohs were being excavated. In the early 1970s there was another revival of vintage Egyptian jewellery, when the Tutankhamen exhibition went on tour around the world.Antique jewellery from Egypt has been around for centuries as the people adored themselves with silver, gold and precious and semi precious stones.

  This is a modern Egyptian revival bracelet. Nicely engraved with Egyptian themes

Have a collection of vintage bracelets with the different links and a dangle with the hand of Fatima. Islamic symbols and ancient Egyptian symbols mixed together in these souvenir bracelets made for the tourist trade.
In 800 silver and silver plate metal.

Wore the bracelet with the turquoise scarabs to drive. In just a short distance managed to knock one of them and loose the head! So now on the look out for a matching replacement. the green plastic cabochon should be easy to replace - when I have the time.

A selection of Egyptian brooches, some vintage and some second hand. The large scarab brooch is by Exquisite made in 1972, for the Tutankhamen tour. Not marked Exquisite but Tutankhamen. The ring is also from Exquisite.

Necklaces both vintage with an Egyptian and eastern theme. Again in my own collection

Vintage turquoise chip necklace

Next blog I will review the book Egyptian Revival: Jewels and Design by Dale Nicholls with Shelly Foote & Robin Allison

The photograph at the top is me in the 1960s. I loved dancing and here I am in my tutu and ballet shoes. 


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