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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Jewellery Glossary - H

With just 11 days to Christmas, I still have yet to start making my Christmas cakes - but plenty of time left!!

So to our jewellery glossary - now on the letter H.

Haematite/Hematite - A common mineral with a high iron content. Tumbled stones are shiny, metallic and heavy for their size. Thought to energies, empower and grounds and anchors us.

Hallmark - A mark on jewellery to show silver/gold/platinum/precious metals as set by the country of origin.
Some require additional information such as patent, manufacturer and origin. 

Heliotrope or bloodstone - Dark green quartz with red, brown or yellow markings. Essentially green jasper with red flecks. Thought to strengthen, add courage, support and stimulate.

High relief - Used to describe a cameo which is carved to create a three dimensional look.

Horn - Animal horn used in jewellery. Some horn was thought to have magical properties. Now an outlawed practice in many countries.

This week we have added many brooches, necklace, earrings, bracelets, men's jewellery and clips.

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