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Sunday, 13 February 2011

New categories to Jewels and Finery

This last week we have been busy adding more new categories to our website.

As well as our wide range of genuine vintage jewellery we have added vintage inspired jewellery which has brand new jewels that have a look from history.

Last weekend as I deleted sold items from the website, I thought of having a sold jewellery gallery, where we could move all the pieces sold into and use it as a showcase with information to date and identify jewellery.

So here are a few of the items added this week. First from our genuine vintage jewellery categories.

    Star burst vintage brooch

Faux turquoise and pearl vintage brooch by Monet

Vintage men's jewellery - tie clip Damascene & MOP

These are just a few of the brooches and rings, we will be adding necklaces, bracelets and earrings shortly.

Crystal crown brooch

Unicorn crystal brooch with Swarovski stones

Stones red enamel ring

Stretch crystal ring - inspired by the 1950s stretch vintage jewellery

More great jewellery will be added this week. So have a great Sunday.

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