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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Part 7-Sarah Coventry. Jewellery from the 1976 Spring brochure

Sarah Coventry Jewelry Collection 1976 Spring brochure

Continuing with showing the pages of vintage jewellery from the seventies brochure today. This is now part 6 - almost half way through the booklet. By showing the pages, it can help to identify the name and the other pieces that were available at the time. Also it is one of the best ways to date vintage jewellery.

Page 26

A = Half Circles, earrings in silvertone.
Gold tone not shown but were also available.

B = Holiday Circles, earrings for pierced ears in silver tone.
Gold tone were also available.

Holiday Garden Necklace

C = Tortoise tone
D = White
E = Black
Available in 33" & 36" chains.
Other colours were available of melon & eggshell/aqua & eggshell - see the booklets front cover. View the first Part1 in this blog under Sarah Coventry.

Page 27


A = Flip set earrings (3 pairs)
B = Summer Flirt necklace in 22" & 29" chains.
C = Summer Flirt earrings

Page 28

A = Contessa pin/pendant
B = Contessa ring
C = Contessa bracelet
D = Contessa earrings - pierced, dangle removable.
E = Centurion earrings
F = Centurion pin/pendant
G = Antiqued chain 24" in gold tone
Available in silver tone but not shown.

Page 29

Charisma necklace 16" adjustable in gold tone.
Also available in silver tone but not shown.
Charisma earrings in gold tone
Also available in silver tone - not shown.
The pierced earrings were also available and can be found on page 46 of this booklet - to be produced in a later blog this year.

New vintage & second hand jewellery added this week to Jewels and Finery

Marcasite vintage brooch - signed Kigu

Vintage brooch signed MASJ '85

Vintage blue agate Celtic brooch signed Miracle

Centurian Roman soldier cufflinks - pre owned

More from the booklet in future blogs, as well as book reviews on jewellery and much more...

Sarah Coventry and other International designers and companies vintage & second hand jewellery is available in our International jewellery category. UK companies and designer jewellery can be found in our UK signed jewellery category.

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