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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sarah Coventry Jewellery Brochure 1976 Part 6

Whoops been a while since I wrote a sequel to the 1976 Spring brochure. So here is part 6 and I must try harder to keep up with blog posts now!!
Page 22

A = Heirloom pendant 25"
B = Old Vienna pin/pendant 24"
C = Old Vienna ring.

Page 23

A = Outer space pendant 20 - 22" adjustable.
B = Four dimension necklace/bracelet 33" in gold tone.
B = Above available in silver tone but not shown.

Page 24

Page shows the Black Charmer necklace or pin 30"
Black charmer earrings in clip only.
Versatile jewellery as the brooch can be attached and worn with or without the dropper.
The necklace can be converted into a choker style.

Page 25

A = Ultra versatile earrings
B = Ultra versatile necklace 24"
C = Mystic Lady necklace 31"
The headline says that 24 different styles can be achieved with this versatile ensemble. Detachable droppers and coloured pieces to interchange.

New vintage jewellery and second hand jewellery have been added this week and so much more to come.

Fuchsia vintage brooch by Exquisite July birthday

Silver and emerald ring - second hand jewellery

In Jewels and Finery Craft we have added a few more vintage buttons this week.

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