Thursday, 21 April 2011

Have a Happy Easter weekend

Vintage rabbit jewellery - chattering animal brooch!

Time just flies lately. Can not believe that its over a week since my last blog. It does not help having a spring cold that put me in bed for a couple of days and slow recovery. Unfortunately with this MS lark, any simple virus knocks the stuffing out of you.
 Edwardian antique jewellery - daisy brooch

It has been wonderful weather for Easter, sunny and warm. I can not remember when I have had to water the garden pots so early because they have dried out. The cherry tree is spreading its blossom all over the garden - maybe we will have another bumper years of fruit. The apple trees are also heavily laden with blossom, which means we will have a good apple year I hope. Haven't even looked at the grape vine to see if its survived yet!! Its been in now about 2 years and last year had a very small bunch of grapes.Was hoping for a better year but the number of plants and trees that we have lost is unbelievable.

Our fish however are being terrorized by the heron. Although they are securely netted, the constant stalking around the pond in the early hours does not help. So they have stayed at the bottom of the pond only venturing up later in the day and then so nervous!!

No our fish are not this colorful. Mostly gold, white and very large black ones.
So this Easter weekend we will be mostly in the garden trying to make it look a bit nicer. So what ever you are doing have a good one. Happy Easter.


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