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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dating Sarah Coventry jewellery Part 15

I can not believe its been almost 3 weeks since I last blogged. But this time of year is so busy. Lots of jewellery to pack and send to new homes.
This blog is part 15 of the spring 1976 Sarah Coventry brochure to help date and identify their jewellery.

Page 47

Vintage earrings all for pierced ears

A = Tiny Garden**
B = Mushroom*
C = Tiny Turtle*
D = Hollywood Squares*
E = New Twist*
F = Taffee Tones**
G = Luv**
H = Madame Butterfly*(G)
I = The Big Apple**(G)
J = The Big Apple**(S)
K = Serenity Cross*(G)
L = Moon Drops**(G)
M = Golden Lace*
N = Madame Butterfly*(S)
O = Diamonice*
P = Serenity Cross*(S)
Q = Moon Drops**(S)
R = Silvery Lace*
S = Papillon*
T = Flair**
U = Swing Away*~~ (S)
V = Classic Tassel*~~(S)
W = Wishbone*
X = Princess**
Y = Texture Twist*
Z = Senorita*(S)

AA = Swing Away*~~(G)
BB = Classical Tassel*~~(G)
CC = Capers*~~
DD = Tiny Cross*
EE = Senorita*(G)

*Surgical steel post
**Surgical steel wire
~~Sarah convertibles - may be worn with or without dangle.

Page 48

A = Tailored Accent Necklace/Belt 37"
B = Tailored Accent Bracelet.

Our Sarah Coventry Jewelry available.

New additions to Jewels and Finery

Mother of pearl shell bracelet

Amber oval ring

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