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Monday, 15 October 2012

Scarf clips 1960s fashion brochure from Style A Scarf

I do love collecting old brochures and adverts for vintage jewellery. This one is for scarf clips and I estimate its from the 1960s or early 1970s. Called "Style A Scarf" and produced by Bernard Shaffer Ltd, England. This 8 panel brochure shows how to use a scarf clip and also some of the styles from the sixties.

Love the eye liner on this lady with the scarf and clip creating a classical bow look.

Three style for using a scarf clip and scarf continues on the inside page. A cowl neck style that uses a scarf clip with a bar brooch as well. The Ascot Bow ha just an ornate clip with a long scarf that tightens to form a big bow at the front. Now the last how to is a fabulous turban look. So very sixty hippy chick!

The middle section covers four panels. It shows how to have a beach or summer house look. A great way to keep your hair in place on holiday. Bow Babushka with a square scarf. Western with the scarf fastened to one side. Gypsy creating a hat from a scarf that would be ideal for the beach. Butterfly Bow and Cravat for different looks around the neck.

This panel shows a further way on how to fold a scarf called the Smoke Ring (circular scarf) and how to use a scarf clip with a bar brooch. There are 7 different vintage scarf clips with antique and modern 1960s fashion styles. This is ideal for dating vintage jewellery.

Last back panels that explains about the British brand Style-a-scarf and gives two more ideas about using a clip as a pendant and a bracelet.

Last page has another 8 different ways, so who said vintage scarf clips were limited in use?  

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