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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Beads and more jewellery of beads to wear

We love beads and the more unusual the better. So just a showcase of some of our bead jewellery to wear. From beads of strings to beads used on brooches and earrings. We like vintage and the more unusual shaped or colors. So take a peak at our selection. Of course they are all available on Jewels and Finery.

Black Cloisonne beads in this pair of earrings. Pretty and dangling pair of beads.

How about this turquoise and black dangling earring pair? Unusual beads jewellery and a great look.

Citrine yellow colored glass beads. Lovely faceted and long enough to just slip this necklace over your head.

If its party wear - then this beautiful purple and yellow acrylic bead necklace is a beaut.  Multi faceted to catch the light. Acrylic crystal look that is moden and ideal for a sparkling occasion.

Amber beads in both light and dark shades make up this lovely necklace. Long and elegant as well as being old and collectible.

Fixed beads in plastic go a long way and are a lot cheaper to buy and wear. You can also wrap these around your wrist as a wrapped bead bracelet. Versatile and unusual jewellery. This red fixed bead necklace above has some unique patterning.

Brooches with beads make a lovely gift. This floral piece has some unusual bead accents in orange translucent colors with the antique gold tone filigree it is very striking and unique.

Bead embellished face brooch by Gothic White Witch finished our collection of bead jewellery.

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