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Friday, 14 December 2018

Christmas jewellery: Yes or No?

Christmas jewellery: Yes or No?

Do you wear themed Christmas jewellery? By that, I mean- Christmas bauble earrings or a Christmas tree brooch. Anything that is shaped into a Christmas theme. So Christmas trees, baubles, snowmen, Father Christmas and bell jewellery are worn during this festive season. 

Or do you stick to your normal pieces? Maybe just add a little sparkle with your diamante jewellery?

So which is it? Yes ( I wear Christmas jewellery) or no (I just wear ordinary fashion jewellery) 

Me, I just love Christmas. so I don't need any excuse to bring out my collection of themed jewellery. I have now plenty of Christmas brooches to choose from. With a few Christmas necklaces to wear. As well as shaped sprout earrings or little baubles for my ears. Especially at Christmas parties and on Christmas day. 
Every year I add to my collection. This year, I added 5 brooches. A Christmas tree brooch, Father Christmas brooches and an angel brooch. Wearing them throughout December and finally packing them away on Boxing day for next year. 

Jewellery holds memories for me. Next year, when I unpack my Christmas jewellery. I will treasure the memories that each brooch, necklace, bracelet or earring holds. When I last wore them or a memorial Christmas event. Jewellery isn't just for show. it is a keepsake that is long-lasting.

Christmas jewellery for this year.     

Just a few pictures of the Christmas jewellery we have on sale this year on our vintage and handmade jewels website. 

Eeyore Christmas brooch by Disney
Eeyore Christmas brooch by Disney

Silver Christmas tree cameo necklace handmade
Silver Christmas tree necklace by Hemlock & Rose.

Bone china Scottish thistle brooch vintage
Bone China purple thistle vintage brooch for New Year celebrations

Green enamel reindeer brooch
Green reindeer stag brooch.

Clear diamante stretch ring in antique silver


Red & black rhinestone vintage bracelet attributed to Empire Made

Rainbow Victorian antique brooch

Golden Christmas bauble earrings
Golden Christmas tree bauble earrings

So have a great Christmas and a happy New Year. Wear those Christmas jewels and save for next year.

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